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Atlantic Glass & Aluminium specialise in the decorative Sandblasting for residential & commercial projects on glass and mirror. With a dedicated Sandblasting design studio with its State-of-the-Art Automatic Sandblasting Machine and Vinyl cutter, our customers can select from a wide range of Sandblasting designs from our catalogue. Alternatively, we can create a custom design specific to your needs from a picture or a template, including company logos. We have an extensive collection on display in our Showroom.  


During the sandblasting process, high pressure is used to blast aluminium oxide onto the glass surface effectively removing a thin layer of the glass. Because the sandblasted area is no longer smooth and even, dirt and the oily substance from fingerprints, etc. tends to go in between the grooves and crevices and it becomes quite difficult to clean.

We recommend that sandblasted surfaces are simply cleaned with either methylated spirits or a mixture of the spirits and water applied with a cloth. The cloth must either be white or grey. Colour cloths can leave dyes on the sandblasted surface permanently. Never use plain water to clean sandblasted surfaces, because it can leave water stains.

Sandblast Protect

Sandblasted glass is prone to leave unsightly fingerprints, water- and every day stains, which in most cases, are very difficult to remove and sometimes impossible. We do provide customers with an added service that is expertly applied in our factories that will help prevent these stains.

Once applied, the layer of protection will protect your sandblasted glass from most of these stubborn stains and the glass can then easily be wiped clean with a cloth.

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Treated Sandblasting


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